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Try a Little Dental Bonding for Valentine’s Day

dental bonding Midtown ManhattanIf you’re uncomfortable smiling or avoid social activities, especially those that may end up being shared via social media, you’re not alone. Almost 60% of Americans admit to being insecure about their teeth. Fortunately, you can get your confidence back in a jiffy with the help of your Midtown Manhattan Dentist. But why should you consider trying a little dental bonding for Valentine’s Day?

Dental Bonding Treats Multiple Issues
Long gone are the days when different dental treatments were required to treat multiple common issues. Dental bonding is among one of the easiest and most effective solutions for creating a customized smile makeover with a single procedure. Dental bonding materials can fill or cover cracks, conceal chips and fractures, fix misshapen teeth, cover bad stains, and even correct gaps.

Dental Bonding Is Painless (Usually)
Many people who avoid dental treatments do so out of fear–reasonable or otherwise. One of the most common fears involves the concept of pain. That’s not a concern with dental bonding–most of the time. In fact, unless the treatment is due to excessive decay or needed to cover exposed or otherwise sensitive roots, anesthesia isn’t usually even required.

Dental Bonding Is Quick and Affordable
Dental bonding is one of the most affordable restorative dental solutions, but the overall price depends on how many teeth actually need the treatment. In most cases, dental bonding takes no more than two appointments and less than an hour per tooth. The first appointment is a consultation with your Midtown Manhattan Dentist to discuss your desires and actual needs, as well as whether dental bonding is right for those. Upon confirming it is, your dentist will create a customized solution. The actual treatment then involves lightly etching the tooth or teeth needing correction, applying the conditioning agent and putty, and curing the replacement “tooth”. Once that’s all completed, reshaping and polishing will complete the treatment so you can leave with the smile you deserve.

Dental Bonding Is Reversible
Many people opt for dental bonding when they’re toying with more expensive and more permanent solutions like dental crowns and porcelain veneers. And there’s a good reason for choosing bonding first. Unlike some other cosmetic and restorative solutions, dental bonding is reversible. That means you can easily opt for bonding first while saving or considering other options for future smile makeover solutions. So you can be as committed or carefree towards your bonding procedure as needed.

Dental Bonding Is Durable
Dental bonding is a durable solution for most minor cosmetic or restorative needs. There are drawbacks, of course, as the bonding agents and materials aren’t as strong as other more expensive procedures. But when properly maintained and cared for, dental bonding can last between 3 and 10 years–averaging somewhere around the 7-year point. Dental bonding can stain, however, so it’s important to maintain excellent oral health habits, cut back on the coffee and other staining agents, and visit your Midtown Manhattan Dentist twice a year for cleanings and check-ups. Give us a call to see if dental bonding is right for your Valentine’s Day smile makeover.


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