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Show Your Mouth Some Love with Dental Health Tips for a Whiter Smile

professional teeth whitening Red Bank dentistryMore than a quarter of Americans admit to not liking their smile, and 42% would change that aspect of their appearance before anything else if given the chance. However, an effective smile makeover doesn’t need to take months or cost a small fortune to complete. In fact, the right professional teeth whitening treatment can often be completed within your lunch hour. Of course, showing love for your mouth can also start right at home if you follow a few tips for a whiter smile.

Improve and Maintain Your Home Oral Health Habits
Brushing your teeth is the most effective way to remove harmful bacteria and stains from your mouth. Brushing after every meal is preferable, but few people have the time or will power to establish that habit. Twice a day brushing is doable for most people and works well to keep your teeth healthy and clean. Just be sure to floss once a day as well to get the gunk and bacteria where they like to hide between the teeth.

Feed Your Teeth While Fueling Your Body
There’s truth to the old adage “You are what you eat”, but that doesn’t just refer to your body. It also includes your teeth. Decay-causing bacteria love the mouth since it provides the perfect breeding ground. It’s dark, wet, and often contains the sugar and acids the bacteria prefer. Limiting those sugary and acidic treats and adding more chicken, dairy, nuts and fresh produce can reduce the harmful bacteria and wash away more plaque. Increase your water intake while limiting coffee, tea, and alcohol to achieve a brighter smile and see a huge boost in your dental health.

Kick the Sticks Once and For All
It’s no secret that smoking is bad for you, but it may be surprising that smoking of any type is the leading cause of preventable death in America. Almost 500,000 smoking-related deaths occur annually and over 41,000 of those are from secondhand smoke. Beyond bodily diseases, smoking is also the leading cause of advanced periodontal disease and edentulism (tooth loss). This is because smoking significantly compromises the immune system, and when that occurs in the mouth the teeth and surrounding tissue are affected. If you do smoke, consider stopping. And if you don’t smoke, avoid it altogether.

See Your Red Bank Dentist Twice a Year
You could do everything right and still wind up with badly stained or dull teeth. The ADA still recommends most people plan to see their dentist twice a year, but that number really depends on the patient’s individual issues and lifestyle. If you can’t fathom finding the time for bi-annual checkups, at least schedule an appointment once and see what happens from there. You may be amazed to discover your teeth are in better shape than you thought, or your dentist may catch a few issues before they become actual problems. Either way, you’ll leave Red Bank Dentistry with a whiter, brighter, and healthier smile. Give us a call to show your mouth the love it deserves.

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