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Fall in Love with these Dental Tips for Healthier Teeth

healthy smile moorestown dentistA dull smile can ruin a first impression, and almost half of adult Americans admit they’d improve their teeth before any other personal or physical issue. Combine that with the fact that approximately 75% of Americans would rather kiss someone with a nice smile than an unattractive one, and this Valentine’s Day could be a pain if you’re not a bit proactive. Fortunately, there are some simple dental tips to help you fall in love with your smile… and your Moorestown Dentist can help.

Brush and Floss Daily
Some surprising flossing facts were discovered in a recent nationwide survey. According to the ADA, 55% of Americans refuse to floss daily because they feel it’s too time consuming and 44% admit to lying or exaggerating their flossing habits to their dentist. In fact, only 16% actually admit to flossing daily. Try as you may, you can’t lie, cheat, or laze your way out of tooth decay or gum disease. But the proper dental habits can keep it at bay. So brush twice a day and floss once… yes, every day.

Cease or Slow Down on the Sugar Habit
Sugar is not only addictive and tasty to most humans, but it’s also a favorite treat to harmful bacteria inside the mouth. The mouth is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and decay as it’s dark, warm, and wet. But the acids in sweets, carbonated beverages, and favorite processed foods tend to stick to the enamel, between the teeth, and around the gumline. Bacteria find a home, raise families, and leave behind decay. If you can’t stop the sugar habit completely, at least slow down. Introduce more natural foods like whole grains, dairy, and produce into your diet. And substitute water for sodas, juice, and alcohol.

Kick Cigarettes to the Curb
According to the most recent statistics, over 34 million adults (or 14% of Americans over the age of 18) smoke cigarettes. While that number drops consistently, vaping and other smoking options keep the habit steady. But smoking of any kind is the top cause of preventable bodily and dental disease in America. In fact, approximately 480,000 deaths a year are smoking-related. Smoking is also the top cause of edentulism or tooth loss. So kick those sticks to the curb. And if you can’t quit completely, at least slow down and get on a good quitting plan. It’ll save more than just your smile.

See Your Moorestown Dentist Twice a Year
The number of preferred or necessary dental visits annually will always be based on your individual needs and your dentist’s recommendations. But the pros generally suggest scheduling dental appointments twice a year. Most insurance plans cover regular dental exams and cleanings that often, and a lot can happen inside the mouth in six months’ time. So bi-annual appointments allow your Moorestown Dentist to notice any significant oral health changes or catch and cure or reverse potentially serious issues such as dental trauma, early signs of gum disease, or even oral cancer. Give us a call to fall back in love with a beautiful, healthy smile.


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