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Facelifts: They’re Not Just for Celebrities

Facelifts: They’re Not Just for Celebritiesprofessional facelift

Multiple homes. Endless vacations. Personal stylists and makeup artists. Personal chefs. Luxury vehicles. Designer clothes. Celebrities have a lot of possessions and perks the average joe does not. However, there is one thing they don’t have the monopoly on: plastic surgery. If you think celebrities look good because they can afford the fountain of youth aka a professional facelift, don’t despair. Facelifts are a powerful and affordable enhancement that you can take advantage of, too.

Everyone Ages, Even Famous People

Think about all the actors who look inexplicably amazing all the time, makeup or no makeup. It’s not just because they’re famous, it’s because they’ve undergone an amazingly subtle, natural-looking, outpatient professional facelift procedure to keep them looking youthful, healthy, and full of vitality. You can’t create a celeb-worthy look with the right makeup or hair alone. But you can achieve the same kind of powerful results with a customized facelift.

Celebrities age, just like the rest of the population. They are no stranger to wrinkles, jowls, bags under the eyes, or poor skin volume. How they look is critical when it comes to their livelihood, particularly for actors and actresses, models or broadcasters. But a professional facelift is not limited to people who are in front of a moving or still camera on a regular basis.

Maybe you are a teacher, lawyer, plumber, nurse, shop clerk, barista, florist, receptionist, server, pilot, salesperson, homemaker. Whatever your field of work, you are entitled to the same opportunities as celebrities to minimize your own signs of aging. You deserve to feel good about yourself, whether you work alone or come face-to-face daily with colleagues and clients, whether you are retired or in the throes of parenting tweens, whether you are middle-aged or a septuagenarian.

Look Like a Celebrity, Naturally

When you think of the most “well-preserved” actors, politicians, news reporters, and reality stars, think about how they looked when they were younger and how they look now. Did they or didn’t they undergo cosmetic surgery?  Only they and their plastic surgeon know for sure. And the same subtlety is available to you too.

You don’t have to crave celebrity, but you will feel like a million bucks when you look like the best version of yourself, even if the rest of your life is plain and simple. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have people think you are really doing that thing called “aging gracefully”? With a facelift from FaceMagic, you can emulate the celebs who have excellent plastic surgery, the ones who seem to never get old and continue to look amazing, stylist or no stylist.

There is no shame in having cosmetic surgery. In fact, celebs talk about it with some regularity now, owning up to the procedures or injections they have undergone. Do what you need to do to be your best self.

You Can Afford a Facelift, and a Younger-Looking You

Take advantage of the professional plastic surgery services available in your neighborhood. The grand opening special at Oakland County’s FaceMagic Plastic Surgery Center in Troy, Michigan, is a facelift for $2,500, which is half the regular price. For just $99 a month (some clients even qualify for financing as low as $48 a month), you can recapture your youth.

This outpatient procedure uses only local anesthesia so you have a quick recovery time. The nature of the procedure results in minimal bruising and swelling and limited downtime. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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