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4 Dental Problems That a Porcelain Crowns Can Fix

porcelain dental crownMillions of Americans deal with some kind of dental problem on an annual basis, and approximately 25% of Americans have untreated cavities. There’s no doubt many dental issues can be reversed and avoided on your own with the proper care and attention. But when that grace period is over, you have a choice: fix it or suffer the consequences. Not to be overly morbid, but the consequences all-too-often are far worse than the alternative of just calling your Midtown Manhattan Dentist. After all, you may just need a simple fix like a porcelain crown. But what are some of the main problems porcelain crowns can fix?

Crooked Or Discolored Teeth
Braces and Invisalign are great options for a mouthful of misaligned teeth. But a couple of misaligned teeth, or even a single one, can cause confidence issues as well. Add a badly discolored tooth to the mix and you might be one of the millions of Americans who habitually hide their smile. Teeth whitening products only help lift surface stains. A porcelain crown, however, can cap off the damaged or imperfect tooth and make it look brand new again.

Tooth Chips and Fractures
Natural teeth are strong, but life stress can result in hairline cracks, chips, or even tooth fractures. It can be difficult, not to mention painful, to smile with such teeth injuries. Fortunately, your Midtown Manhattan Dentist can construct a porcelain crown to easily and effectively replace or conceal the damaged tooth. Porcelain is not as strong as natural enamel, so you’ll need to follow your dentist’s suggestions and visit regularly to ensure the crown doesn’t need adjustments. But when cared for correctly, a porcelain crown can help you forget the damage ever occurred.

Enamel Wear and Bruxism
Bruxism is a common condition that is often stress-induced. It manifests in grinding the teeth and wearing down the enamel. If you awake with a headache, hear or feel your teeth grinding (primarily at night), or have consistent or chronic mouth or facial pain, chances are you have bruxism. Fortunately, your Midtown Manhattan Dentist can easily treat the condition and it often just takes some reconditioning and a mouthguard. But what about the existing dental damage? A porcelain crown or crowns can be placed over the damaged tooth or teeth to restore full tooth function. Of course, the longer you wait the more damage is likely to occur. So visit your dentist as soon as possible to stop or reverse the issue.

Large Filling Support
Excessive or ongoing decay that leads to the need for a large filling also requires quite a bit of filling materials. That can result in a painful and expensive fracture due to the filling weakening the structure of the tooth over time. A porcelain crown can easily and affordably be added to the affected tooth to offer extra support and avoid further immediate damage or extensive damage down the road. Porcelain dental materials also resist decay, so that can be worth it on its own. Contact Midtown Manhattan dentist, Dr. Michael J. Wei, and find out if a porcelain crown is right for your needs.

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